Wow, I'm amazed at the size of the protest. Must be at least a dozen SJW's there. I'm sure the City of Fontana will cave to their demands.

Glad to see that the City of Fontana hasn't given in to the radicals and terrorists that want to take over this Country. I applaud them for their fortitude.

These negative economic impacts could have been lessened quite a bit if Sir Gavin the Nuisance had opened the state much sooner.

Then stay away from those that have it, easy solution.

Yee Haw!!! Fontana wins the Wuhan Virus lottery for being the first in the County to find someone infected. What an Honor!

Good for her, most people wouldn't consider helping a poor animal. I had a friend that was a Fireman. One time he was sent into a burning house to look for a missing dog. The second story of the home had already collapsed onto the first after the roof was blown off in an explosion. After …

Well, I'm glad to see that the so called journalist of this story, or perhaps the editor finally had the guts to actually (sort of) call it like it is and change the story from exposure to "possible use" of fentanyl. Good investigation skills, not so much.

Darlene, your letter is a bit confusing. It appears that on one hand you don't want automation because it takes away jobs, but then you say that people should get a better education so they don't have to settle for a low paying job. Unfortunately, there will always be the under educated am…

Wait, how could this be? I thought the Bad Orange Man in the White House had totally destroyed the economy. I guess I'm just not going to be able to trust the Media any longer.

What a great story. If you listen to the media today, it is rare that you will ever hear anything about the goodness of people. All you hear about is how bad people are, they dwell on the evil in the world and fail to highlight the good that happens. I think there is still much more good …