This happened at Village Ranch Market Merrill avenue and Hemlock Avenue

If their fathers was using a belt on them they wouldn't be doing what they've done

I really hope all the family members of these inmates getting millions of dollars

Talk about the two Grinch's that tried to steal Christmas

In Jesus Christ name I pray the gas go $6.00 dollars a gallon cuz everybody wants to hold the devil's hand

Don't the driver of that car know they're going to get fingerprints off that vehicle to find out who was driving it

The hypocrite Christian mayor of Fontana talking about hatred in heart but she voted for killing babies for same-sex marriage and for racist to

I wonder why the Fontana police won't give us an update about the one Fontana police officer that molested A 16 year old girl a year ago

He still would have been alive if they wouldn't allow those mini vehicles out on the street all the little vehicles are death traps and it's terrible what happened to him

It's a shame that he's getting kicked out of the military because of this